Our Team

"Our thinkers"


Diane Freaney

Founder & Creative Director of Rooted Investing


Diane Freaney understood what happened in 2008 and it scared her. She lost 42% of her investments and since she was living off the income from her investments, this was a very big deal. Diane spent her whole career working in accounting and finance and investing. She knew exactly what had happened.

She learned the principle of OPM- Other People’s Money at the Harvard Business School in the summer of 1982. The spread of OPM was gradual. She didn’t think much about OPM’s role until the economy began to unravel. OPM’s role in the economic meltdown was crystal clear.

Diane understood the problem. The solution is MOM - “My Own Money.” She began Rooted Investing to implement her philosophy of community investing. The core concepts of MOM are:

  • SIMPLE – simple rates, simple documents; if you don’t understand an investment, don’t do it.
  • DIY – you are in charge; don’t cede control to an “expert.”
  • PEOPLE – invest in people, not numbers; and trust your intuition.
  • LOCAL – community-based; we all belong to many communities.

Murthy Srinivas

Founder and Director of Innovation of Rooted Investing

Murthy brings over 30+ years of experience in software development, technical consulting, and start-ups to the Rooted Investing.

He is often the go-to person for overcoming challenges and is affectionally known as "the hammer" to the team.

Murthy’s focus and passion is integrating a collaborative consumption micro-economies into local communities.


Rachel Maxwell

Co-founder and CEO of Community Sourced Capital

Rachel Maxwell

Rachel Maxwell, Co-founder and CEO of Community Sourced Capital. Community Sourced Capital builds innovative financial systems that work for local economies. CSC provides a platform for small businesses to source capital from their own communities in the form of zero interest loans. Launched in January of 2013, Community Sourced Capital has involved over 3000 people in sharing $600,000 with businesses they love.

Prior to co-founding CSC, Rachel was Deputy Director of REIL (Renewable Energy & Int’l Law), an organization bringing together select international leaders to create clean energy and climate policy solutions that work efficiently on the ground. Rachel also founded and directed several small businesses. She holds an MBA with a focus on sustainable finance from the Bainbridge Graduate Institute and an AB from Bryn Mawr College.